Moss is detrimental to your roof and needs to be removed fast!

Moss can affect the structure of your whole roof, so it is imperative that you get the professionals to take a look at it before it is too late, and repairs or replacement is costly.

It can look pretty on a roof but the damage that is caused is great. Moss can move tiles away from each other, forming cracks where rainwater can enter your loft rotting away roof rafters and joists and causing endless condensation which can form mould and damp throughout your property.

If you already have moss forming on your roof, our team can come and give you a free roof survey to assess the damage so far and come up with a plan of action of how best to tackle the situation.

Do not try and remove the moss yourself, it has to be removed professionally by a team such as ours who have the right equipment and know how, otherwise more damage could be created.

Once the moss has been successfully removed, repairs will be carried out and once completed, a thorough cleaning will take place. A specialist coating will then be applied to ensure that the moss does not grow back as before.

If you do not have moss on your roof but realise that a good cleaning of your roof would enhance the look of your property, then give us a call.

Our general roof cleaning service is available to any residential or commercial business owner and will be priced according to the size of the roof to be cleaned. So, give us a call at Stately Roofing Ltd today on London 020 3646 1300, we look forward to hearing from you.