Chimneys can cause dampness, subsidence and structural problems in your home if they are left with pending repairs.

If you have a chimney as part of your roof then it is very important to get it checked by a professional roofer from time to time to make sure that is safe for you, your family, neighbours and passers by.

Especially during the winter, the weather can play havoc with your chimney and within a short amount of time, mortar can crack, chimney pots can get broken and the general stability can be affected.

At Stately Roofing Ltd, we specialise in the maintenance, repair and refurbishment of chimney stacks and welcome enquiries no matter how small the problem is.

If you have a chimney that is no longer used, for safety reasons it may be best to have it completely demolished, our team can do this for you.

If you suspect there are birds´ nests forming around your chimney which are irritating as well as affecting the functionality of your chimney then give us a call, our team can help eradicate the problem.

Chimney pots and cowls can easily be repaired or replaced, as well as repointing of the stack and attending to any failed leadwork. Our team have the expertise and the know how to get the repairs carried out quickly and professionally, ensuring your home is not at risk at any time and is left safe and secure once the repairs are carried out.

For all types of enquiries on chimneys and leadwork, no matter how small, call in the experts at Stately Roofing Ltd.

All of our work is fully guaranteed, and we carry public liability insurance of £1m for your peace of mind. Don´t delay where chimneys are concerned, call us today on London 020 3646 1300, we look forward to hearing from you.